• 25 kN Diesel Baggage Tractor
  • 25 kN Diesel Baggage Tractor
  • 25 kN Diesel Baggage Tractor

25 kN Diesel Baggage Tractor

Luggage (internal combustion type), performance, reliability, convenience, high walking power, smooth speed control, car shape, airplane growth and other advantages, widely used in aviation, transportation, postal, railway, food, tobacco, factories and other industries. Operation.

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-Japanese Yanmar engine: power 63.9kW/2500rpm, maximum torque 290Nm

-Full hydraulic drive: a plunger variable pump is used for walking, and a gear pump is used for steering and braking. The walking and working hydraulic systems are completely independent

-Steering system: independent steering hydraulic power unit, steering force has nothing to do with driving speed

-Brake system: four disc brakes for the front wheels, combined braking with independent wet brakes and motor brakes for the rear wheels, independent dual-circuit hydraulic system, mutual backup, safe and reliable

-Remote decoupling function: operate the decoupling device in the cab to pull the trailer after being released without getting off the car

-Traction pin: self-locking two-stage manual rear traction pin, diameter less than 38mm, height above the ground 310mm, 410mm, the traction pin can be seen directly from the driver's seat

Tire 6.5-10-10PR/7.00-12-12PR

PCLargest tractionkN25
Traction quality (dry concrete floor)Kg32000
Driving speedEmpty loadkm/h28
Full loadkm/h15
maximum GradeabilityEmpty load%30
Front treadmm1200
rear treadmm1159
minimum turning radiusmm3200
Traction bolt center heightmm310/410
Minimum ground clearancemm157
Engine powerKW63.9kW/2500rpm

25 kN Diesel Baggage Tractor