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At Vicgordan, you are encouraged to be a difference-maker.

We consider your ideas, experiences, and values to be our greatest assets for realizing our aspirations.Together with Vicgordan, you can work with the sharpest minds in the industry and experience exciting diversity and inclusion through Vicgordan's growing worldwide business presence. Here, you can build the future with your own meaningful work.

Education and Training

"To foster the first-class talents" has long been part of Vicgordan's vision. To realize this goal, we established Vicgordan Polytechnic College to train skilled front-line workers for the future and also to help familiarize our employees with Vicgordan's work environment.

So far, the school has established a college-enterprise partnership with more than 40 leading engineering companies at home and abroad, with an employment rate remaining above 98%.

Work Environment


Oversea sales

Job Title : Oversea sales

Responsible for the management of consignment vehicles;

Market research and visits, channel construction and planning

Building the basic capacity of dealers, training dealers, and improving weak markets

Organization and execution of marketing activities, payment collection and risk management

Location: BeiJing&ShangHai&Xiamen

Request: 3 

Job requirements

35 years old, college degree or above, business management, marketing, machinery and other related majors

More than 3 years of sales work experience in the field of construction machinery industry

Strong management, organization and analysis and judgment capabilities

Familiar with marketing and channel management, have a strong sense of legal risk and ability to clear debts.

Proficiency in English is required

Familiar with machinery foreign trade process


Order Management

Job Title : Order Management

Assist in organizing the company's capacity planning and production and sales balance analysis;

Regular supply chain delivery meeting;

Industry director thread and sluggish material management;

OEM management;

Location: BeiJing

Request: 1 

Job requirements

Under 35 years old, bachelor degree or above, major in mechanics and management; good English proficiency.

2 years of work experience in production management (construction machinery industry/automobile company/large manufacturing industry); familiar with production and sales processes in the field of machinery manufacturing, and familiar with supply chain management.

Have received system training in enterprise management and lean production;

Have many years of production and order management experience, have strong organizational and coordination capabilities, and be able to effectively communicate and coordinate across departments.


Loader Development Engineer

Job Title : Loader Development Engineer

Responsible for the R&D and design of each system of the loader, complete the project design tasks and output the BOM list;

Solve technical problems in the operation of engineering projects;

According to the arrangement, complete the proofreading, process or standardization of the design drawings of other mechanical engineers in the group;

Responsible for the technical service work of the equipment assembly and debugging process;

Coordinate and cooperate with the design, coordination and communication of the project team;

Responsible for the preparation, modification, sorting and updating, and filing of the mechanical output data of the engineering project, and assist in the completion of the certification and acceptance of the R&D design project;

Responsible for after-sales service support for related equipment;

Cooperate with the project team to complete the project summary and improvement;

Cooperate with the marketing department to provide and complete the pre-project technical support and plan writing work;

Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Location: BeiJing

Request: 2 

Job requirements

Educational background major: a bachelor degree or above; major in mechanics, hydraulics, electrical appliances, etc.

Work experience: more than 5 years of relevant industry or relevant work experience

Knowledge and skills: proficient and familiar with mechanical principles and design methods;

Familiar with Pro-E, AutoCAD and other computer-assisted software for 7 computers;

Familiar with the working principle of hydraulic and pneumatic;

Familiar with mechanical manufacturing process;

Familiar with company projects and operating procedures; good English level

Other requirements: be upright and honest; good at communication and keen observation; serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, and have a good teamwork spirit.


after-sales technical support engineer for port machines and big forklift

Job Title : after-sales technical support engineer for port machines and big forklift

1. Responsible for the after-sales service of all equipment in the area, and maintain good customer relations; 

2. Complete the parts sales task in the area and control the recovery of the payment for the external parts; 

3. Complete the monthly work and monthly work Summarize and complete the company's technical transformation work, complete the parts sales task, complete the commissioning of each equipment and customer training.

Location: BeiJing&ShangHai&Xiamen

Request: 3 

Job requirements


1. Under 30 years old, with a motor vehicle driver’s license and self-provided vehicle; 

2. College degree or above, seniors with a skill can be specially approved, and electromechanical and hydraulic diesel majors are acceptable; 

3. Be engaged in port equipment maintenance, and have 3 to 3 More than 5 years of work experience; or related experience in forklift sales-port machinery field; 

4. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, be dedicated, have a strong sense of responsibility, and have a team spirit.