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Mini Crane

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What is a mini crane?

Telescopic cranes with outriggers, spider cranes and mini crawler cranes designed for easy transport and maximum convenience. Thanks to its compact dimensions, this machine can work in very different places and tight spaces - slopes, stairs, passages and hard-to-reach places - and does not require long setup times: a new, convenient lifting system that ensures savings in time and money as well as improving safety levels and enhancing lifting performance.

Vicgordan's mini crane can lift 1-8 tons and is a telescopic mini crawler crane with outriggers, designed for easy transport and maximum convenience.

The advantages of using a spider mini crane

  • Each mini crane model is small enough to travel through a standard single door or on an elevator or elevator elevator and can work in confined areas.

  • Since the batteries operate in the same way as diesel or gasoline cranes, some spider cranes can work electrically.

  • Vicgordan's spider cranes are compact and light weight. They have low floor loads and can be used on any type of floor or ground.

As a professional mini crane supplier and manufacturer, we offer first class advice and unparalleled after sales service for all our mini crane products. We offer the world's strongest mini crane, ideal for when space and access is limited.