• 8 Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 8 Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 8 Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 8 Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 8 Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 8 Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 8 Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 8 Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 8 Ton Diesel Forklift

8 Ton Diesel Forklift

A diesel forklift with an 8-ton capacity is a powerful piece of equipment used for lifting and transporting heavy loads. It is typically employed in industrial settings such as warehouses, construction sites, and shipping yards.

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Diesel forklifts are known for their robustness and ability to handle demanding tasks. The "8-ton" specification refers to the maximum weight capacity that the forklift can lift and carry. This means it can handle loads weighing up to 8 tons (or 16,000 pounds) without compromising its stability and performance.

The diesel engine powers the forklift, providing it with the necessary strength to lift heavy loads. Diesel forklifts are preferred in outdoor or larger indoor spaces due to their higher power output, torque, and fuel efficiency compared to other forklift types, such as electric forklifts.

Safety is paramount when operating a diesel forklift. Proper training and certification are crucial for operators to ensure the safe and efficient use of this equipment. Additionally, regular maintenance and inspections are necessary to keep the forklift in optimal condition.

BeiJing VICGORDAN Industrial Co., Ltd
3Power Type
4Rated Load CapacityQ(kg)8000800080008000
5Load CentreC(mm)600600600600
Characteristic & Dimension6Rated Lift HeightH3(mm)3000300030003000
7Free Lift HeightH2(mm)120120120120
8Fork Size (L×W×T)mm1220×175×751220×175×751220×175×751220×175×75
9Mast Tilt Angle (F/R, α°/β°)deg6°/12°6°/12°6°/12°6°/12°
10Fork Overhang (Wheel Center to Fork Face)X1(mm)721721721721
11Rear OverhangX2(mm)760760760760
12Ground Clearance (Bottom of Mast)H7(mm)250250250250
13Length to Face of Fork (Without Fork)L1(mm)4040404040404040
14Overall WidthB1(mm)2165216521652165
15Mast Lowered HeightH1(mm)2695269526952695
16Mast Extended Height (With Backrest)H4(mm)4020402040204020
17Side ShiftX(mm)340-2000340-2000340-2000340-2000
18Overhead Guard HeightH5(mm)2520252025202520
19Turning Radius (Outside)Wa(mm)3700370037003700
20Min.Aisle width for palletsAst(mm)5845584558455845
Performance21Travel Speed (No Load)km/h19.5/1619.5/1619.5/1619.5/16
22Lifting Speed (No Load/Full Load)mm/sec380/410330/380330/380330/380
23Lowering Speed  (No Load/Full Load)mm/sec430/300430/280430/280430/280
24Max.Drawbar Pull (Full Load)KN58585858
25Max.Gradeability (Full Load)%≤20≤20≤20≤20
Chassis26Tyre (Front x 4)
27Tyre (Rear x 2)
28Front TreadB2(mm)1600160016001600
29Rear TreadB3(mm)1700170017001700
Weight31Total Weightkg11850118501185011850
32Front Axle Weight Distribution (Full Load)kg17800178001780017800
33Rear Axle Weight Distribution (Full Load)kg2050205020502050
34Front Axle Weight Distribution (No Load)kg4740474047404740
35Rear Axle Weight Distribution (No Load)kg7110711071107110
Power & Transmission36BatteryV/Ah24/9024/9024/9024/90
37Engine Model
38Engine Manufacturer
39Rated Output / r.p.m.kw85/220080.9/250082/200086/2200
40Rated Torque / r.p.m.N·m460N•m/ 1300~1700 r/min353/1650416/1400-1600470/1100-1700
41No.of Cylinder
42Bore x Strokemm110×125102×118105×125107×124
44Fuel Tank CapacityL120120120120
45Transmission Type
Powershift Powershift PowershiftPowershift
46Transmission Stage (FWD/RVS)
47Operating Pressure (For Attachments)Mpa20202020

  • 8 Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 8 Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 8 Ton Diesel Forklift