• Eletric Empty Container Handler
  • Eletric Empty Container Handler

Eletric Empty Container Handler

Zero emissions, zero pollution, low noise, low energy consumption

Charging for 1 hour,working for 8 hours.Save 80% energy cost

Protection level IP67, motor warranty 8 years.Battery charge and discharge more than 4000 times

No need to regularly maintain diesel engines,save maintenance cost more than 50%

Automatic idle stop control technology

Full vehicle component status monitoring, high reliability

New load-sensing technology based on variable speed control to achieve large closed-loop feedback of hydraulic state parameters

Combined motor speed control and hydraulic pump variable displacement control to improve maximum operating capacity

Suitable to work in high altitude area or poor ventilation area

The battery has high-temperature resistance.  Even the most refulgent environment does not have any effect to performance and safety. 

The battery group and BMS (Battery Management System) is supplied by the domestic leading brand  CATL, which guarantee that every group of battery has stable high quality. The battery group is equipped with overcharge protection(OVP), over discharge protection(UVP), Over Temperature Protection(OTP), Over current protection(OCP).  The power will be cutted off immediately if there is an accident. 

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The unit price of diesel is 8.1 yuan/liter, which can save 2000*8.1*12= 194,400 yuan if it is used for 2000 hours. And the ECH often uses about 3500~4000 working hours per year.

Therefore, reasonable use can save about 400,000RMB + 50,000RMB (engine maintenance cost) every year.

That's for the Chinese market and in Europe and the US are more than 50 per cent higher cost for oil.

The battery has its own battery management system, no alarm and no maintenance. When necessary, coolant needs to be added.

Charging pile can be matched or not, customer choice (do not include installation).

Technical Data for VG-ECH90E Eletric Empty Container handler
1.2Model designation
1.3Power unit: battery
1.5Load capacityQ(kg)9000
1.6Load centreC(mm)1295
1.8Axle centre to fork faceX(mm)1198
Weight2.1Service weightKG39880
3.2Tyre size, front
3.3Tyre size, rear
3.4Tyre size, frontoption12.00x24/24PRsolid rubber,superelastic.
3.5Tyre size, rear12.00x24/24PR
3.6Wheels number front/rear(x* = driven)
3.7Track width. frontb10mm3280
3.8Track width, rearb11mm2171
Dimensions4.1Mast Iift.forward/backwarda/B(Grad)3/5
4.2Height of mast,loweredh1(mm)11111
4.3Max Lift Height unladen (From ground to under twistlock (h3+h13)(mm)18640
4.4Height of mast,extendedh4(mm)19244
4.5Height of overhead guardh6(mm)4326
4.6Height of seath7(mm)3226
4.7Towing coupling heighth10(mm)600
4.8Twistlock height loweredh13(mm)2290
4.9Overall lengthl1(mm)6850
4.10 Length to fork facel2(mm)6682
4.11 Overall widthb1b2(mm)4120/2570
4.12 width of attachment 20740'b3(mm)6050/12150
4.13 Ground clearance,drive axlem1(mm)370
4.14 Ground clearance,centre of wheelbasem2(mm)380
4.15 stacking aisle,20' containerAst(mm)9900
4.16 stacking aisle.40' containerAst(mm)13500
4.17 Turning radiusWa(mm)6300
4.18 Minimum pivoting point distanceb13(mm)2200
Performances5.1Travel speed, with/without loadKm/h20/21
5.2Lifting speed, with/without loadm/s0.55/0.60
5.3Lowering speed, with/without loadm/s0.60/0.55
5.4Tractive forceKN91
5.5Climbing ability, with/without load%20/30
5.8Acceleratiortime, with/without loadS26/24
5.9Service brake
Wet dis
6.1Starting batteryV/Ah24V(2x12/110)
Drive7.1Drive motorNMMAX2800LangGao
7.2motor controlerKw250+109+34HuiChuan
7.3lift Pump MotorNM550fhysis
7.4serice Pump MotorNM210fhysis
7.5Battery System(CATL lithium iron phosphate)kWh242.3China CATL

7.7drive axle manufacturer/typekessler+Go D81PL488Nkessler
7.8spreader manufacturer/type
WL SP-1Vicgordan
7.9sideshift distancemm±600
7.10 Number of cylinders/displacementcm36/6700
7.11Fuel consumption(average)l/h-
Others8.1Type of drive control
infinitely variable speeds
8.2Working pressure for attachmentsbar140
8.3control system
8.4Noise level at operator's eardB(A)70
8.5Towing coupling,desigh/type,DIN.no

Eletric Empty Container handler