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1. Built-in high-energy sealed battery, Long-term use without maintenance, you don't need to add water 

during the period of life.

2. The forklift has many advantages, like compact size, easy to display, and saving working space. In particular,

it can successfully go through even in a small channel.

3. Bias control can greatly improve the working vision; also can avoid collision between operators and the car in the process of driving.

4. Long handle operation, greatly reduces the operating force make the operation more portable.

5. We consider emergency power switch as a standard configuration. Just press the emergency stop button to cut off all the power in case of an emergency, the car can stop immediately.

6. We have Multi-function handle and integrated control (Like acceleration, horn, emergency direction, lift button). All this function makes the operation morecomfortable.

NameElectric Pallet Stacker(EPS) (Walkie Type)
Model No.
Load capacityKg10001000100015001500
Max. lifting heightH(mm)16002500300016002500
Load centerC(mm)500500500500500
Wheel type
Pu solid tire
Fork sizemm1150X1601150X160
Width over forkmm560/680560/680560/680560/680560/680
Overall lengthL(mm)17851785178517851785
Overall widthS(mm)800800800800800
Mast lowered heightH1(mm)20751825207520751825
Mast extended heightH2(mm)20753037353720753037
Min. fork heighth1(mm)8585858585
Turning radiusW(mm)13801380138013801380
The front wheels to the fork end distance)mm430430430430430
Min. stacking aisle (1000*1000 pallet)mm21552155215521552155
Max. walking speedKm/h3.5/43.5/43.5/43.5/43.5/4
Grade ability%3/63/63/63/63/6
Total weightKg506546566596666
Driving wheelmmφ210*70
Front wheelmmφ80*70
Balance wheelmmφ125*50
Battery capacityV/Ah2*12/80
Driving motorKw0.75
Lifting motorKw2.2
Walking adjustable type
Holze type accelerator