• Electric-Reach-Truck-Forklift-(48v)(seated-type)



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1. Because of Curtis electronic control, so we have multiple automatic protection system controllers. 

2. EPS swerve can reduce 20%of the energy consumption. It is precise, flexible, and convenient to operate. At the aame time, it can reduce driver fatigue, boost productive. 

3. Moved forward type electric stack is suitable for large tonnage, high hoisting cargo storage applications,  applying to a variety  of trays, and has the characteristics of moving forward for overall door frame. Furthermore, it has small turning radius and can neglect obstacles from the bottom of the shelf.  So it is suitable  for narrow channel. 

4. During the operation of decline, the pallet fork is kept in safe when hoisting control lever is in decline position. Especially when pallet fork drop to 10cm above the ground, then speed will slow  down automatically. It can effectively protect the  goods from damage due to vibration. When the pallet fork goes to the top, buffering system can reduce the vibration of the door frame. So it is comfortable for operator. 

5. Placing your feet on electric breaking switch, then you can take control of the driving. Only after the foot stepped on power switch  can operate vehicle whereas the vehicle stop. So this design improves the  vehicle's safety  performance. 

6. It is endurable and has long battery life because  of 48V high power battery. 

NameElectric reach truck forklift(48V)(Seated)
Operation typeSeated
Model No.UnitVG-ERTFS15-30VG-ERTFS20-30
Power type
Max. lifting heightH2(mm)30003000
Load centerC(mm)500500
Wheel type
Pu solid tire
Mast tilt
Fork dimensionsmm1070*100*351070*122*40
Fork spreadmm210-705270-705
Reach distancemm480650
Overall length including forkL(mm)22702470
Overall widthS(mm)12951295
Mast lowered heightH1(mm)21002100
Mast extended heightH(mm)39653965
Turning radiusWa(mm)17451845
The height of overhead guardsmm21802180
Min. stacking aisle(1000x1200mm)mm28552885
Min ground clearancemm2020
Max travel speedKm/h6.8/7.86.8/7.8
Lifting speedmm/s120/240120/240
Grade ability%≤10≤10
Total weightKG30003050
Driving WheelmmØ382*142
Front wheelmmØ267*114
Balance wheelmmØ180*76
Battery capacityV/Ah48/30048/400
Driving motorKw6.56.5
Lifting motorKw6.36.3
Drive controlling type
Walking adjustable type
Holzer type accelerator
Walkie brake