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1. Because of Curtis electronic control, so we have multiple automatic protection system controllers. 

2. Without frequently adjustment, camping suspension spring can  take the initiative to adjust vertical drive unit according to road conditions, reduce the impact of the drive unit, balance the force of the balance wheel, raise the efficiency and smoothly  of the running. 

3. High quality with  buffer hydraulic pump station has the character of low noise, low vibration, sealing good , smooth and reliable hoisting and falling. 

4. Anti-skid brake function prevent the forklift from declining when forklift driving out of control or at  slope. 

5. Alternating current driving, no carbon brush, Free maintenance, highly efficient motor, accuracy control, powerfully output. 

6. We have multi-function handle and integrated control (Like acceleration, horn, emergency direction, lift button. )All this  function makes the operation more  comfortable. 

7. The mast frame design is wide field of vision, dedicated channel steel, high strength. It has the characteristics of moving forward for overall door frame. Adjustable forged fork can easily  apply to  a variety of pallet. Furthermore, it has small turning radius and can neglect obstacles from the bottom of the shelf. 

NameElectric reach truck forklift(ERTF)
Operation typeStanding posture
Model No.UnitVG-ERTF10-25VG-ERTF15-25VG-ERTF20-25
Power type
Max. lifting heightH2(mm)300030003000
Load centerC(mm)500500500
Wheel type
Pu solid tire
Fork dimensionsmm1070*100*351070*100*351070*122*40
Fork spreadmm210-680210-680245-702
Reach distancemm500600730
Overall length including forkL(mm)233523352335
Overall widthS(mm)103410341034
Mast lowered heightH1(mm)184018401840
Mast extended heightH(mm)341634163416
Turning radiusWa(mm)164517401890
Min. stacking aisle(1000x1200mm)mm265526752725
Min ground clearancemm707070
Grade ability%5/85/84/6
Max travel speedKm/h4/54/54/5
Total weightKG187519002050
Driving wheelmmØ230*75
Front wheelmmØ210*85
Balance wheelmmØ150*50
Battery capacityV/Ah24/21024/21024/210
Driving motorKw1.51.52.5
Lifting motorKw2.22.22.2
Drive controlling type
Walking adjustable type
Holzer type accelerator
Brake type
Steering type