• 13.5 ton diesel forklift
  • 13.5 ton diesel forklift
  • 13.5 ton diesel forklift
  • 13.5 ton diesel forklift

13.5 ton diesel forklift

Engine: YJ6J125-T300 or  6BT5.9-C130                                     

Weight:   17,500  kgs                                                

Wheel base: 3150mm  

Rated load: 13,500 kgs 

Load center : 600mm 

Duplex 3m mast

Fork positioner with side shift                     

Fork length: 1600 mm 

Overall Dimension:                                  

6530* 2350 *2970 mm

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Standard Specification:

fan ,    Hour meter     ,           Bracket of light

open Cabin                  ,    Traction pin     ,           Headlight

Horn                   ,    Mirror          ,           Toolbox

Forks                  ,    Charge indicator ,            Combination rear light

Pre-heat indication       ,    Wide view duplex mast ,     4 Sec. multi-way valve

Hydraulic power steering  ,    Rubber pedal    ,          Dipstick

Air cleaner              ,    Adjustable steering wheel ,   Tilt cylinder self-locking valve

Side roller               ,    Mast lift speed limited valve

项目Item 项目内容单位参数表  Technical Parameter
特性            Features起重量/载荷 Rated LoadKg13500
载荷中心距Load Centermm600
重量 Weight自重 Weightkg 17500
车轮底盘        Chassis轮胎规格:前 Tire Specs:Front
轮胎规格:后 Tire Specs:Rear
车轮,数量前/后(X-驱动轮) Tires Qty,front/rear(X-dreve wheels)
轮距:前 Wheel tread:Frontmm1680
轮距:后 Wheel tread:Rearmm1760
基本尺寸  Dimensions门架/货叉架前/后倾角 Mast/carriage tilt angle(front/rear)Degree(°)6/12
门架回缩时高度 Mast height(fork lowering)mm2970
标准起升高度 Mast lifting heightmm3000
作业时最大高度 Max.heightmm4430
护顶架高度(驾驶室高度)height to head guard(height to cab)mm2760
总长(含货叉长度)Overall height(with forks)                                      mm6530
货叉垂直前表面支至车辆后端距离                                                                                                                     Fork front verticaal sueface to the rear end of the vehicle mm4930
总宽 Overall widthmm2350
货叉尺寸 Fork dimensionmm1600*180*90
货叉架宽度 Fork carriage widthmm2080
门架下最小的离地间隙 满载 Mast min ground(with load)mm320
轴距中心最小离地间隙  满载 Wheelbase center min ground(with load)mm360
最小转弯半径 Min.turning Radiusmm4600
运行速度(满载/无载)Travel speed(with load/without load)km/h23/28
功能参数Performance最大起升速度(满载/无载)Max.lifting speed(with load/without load)mm/s220/280
牵引力 tractionnKN110
爬坡度(满载/无载)gradeability(with load/without load)%20/22
行车制动 Driving brake
盘式Hydraulic clamp disc
内燃机       Engine内燃机生产厂家/型号 Engine brand/model可选1 Optional one玉柴 Yuchai Engine
emission II
emission IIDongfeng cummins 6BT5.9-C130  5.9L 97kW 2,200 rpm/min
emission IIIDongfeng cummins QSB4.5-C130
4.5L 97kW 2200r/min
输出功率 Rated Output110(Kw)
气缸数目 Cylinder No6
其他               Others变速箱档位数(前/后)Transmission gears(Front/rear)

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13.5 ton diesel forklift

13.5 ton diesel forklift

13.5 ton diesel forklift

13.5 ton diesel forklift

13.5 ton diesel forklift

13.5 ton diesel forklift