• 40 ton container diesel forklift
  • 40 ton container diesel forklift
  • 40 ton container diesel forklift

40 ton container diesel forklift


Drive Axle

Made in China, Vicgordan-customized, heavy-duty master reducer, pneumatic brake system.


zhongnan gear-box, multi-stage torque converter, big converter ratio, wide range of auto-adjust speed; stable and smooth shift, 2 stage forward and 1 stage

backward, easy operation and maintenance.

Steering System

Vicgordan-made crosswise steering axle; The steering with load sensor and adjustable steering device make the operation easily.

Hydraulic System

Multi-hydraulic valve make it easy to operate. Load sensor hydraulic system, dual pumps supply, dynamic load sensor priority valve, reduce power consumption,

lower the hydraulic oil temperature.


The combined chassis structure provide the high intensity and low weight feature, increase the cooling area of the oil tank greatly.

Power System

The customer can choose Cummins turbo 6 cylinder engine or Yuchai engine which according with the GB3 Emission Regulation, high performance, low oil consumption, low speed with high torque, great capacity cooler.

Brake System

Adopt auto parts, air braking system improves the comfort also reduce the pollution cause by oil leakage.

Lifting Assembly

Wide view mast provide great operator visibility; Dual limited speed valves increase the safety; Distance between forks can be adjusted manually is the standard

feature, customer can choose fork positioner or sideshifter.

Overhead Guard

Full suspension overhead guard connected the chassis with 4 pivots using the rubber;Tilted structure is easy for maintenance; Smaller column and steering wheel

increase the operator space.

Electrical System

The instrument show all information about the forklift;it will sound alert when low brake pressure or non-lease parking brake.


SMV 40-1200

40 ton forklift

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Standard Specification

Heater and air conditioner ,    Hour meter     ,           Bracket of light

Cabin                  ,    Traction pin     ,           Headlight

Horn                   ,    Mirror          ,           Toolbox

Forks                  ,    Charge indicator ,            Combination rear light

Pre-heat indication       ,    Wide view duplex mast ,     4 Sec. multi-way valve

Hydraulic power steering  ,    Rubber pedal    ,          Dipstick

Air cleaner              ,    Adjustable steering wheel ,   Tilt cylinder self-locking valve

Side roller               ,    Mast lift speed limited valve


2.5-6.0m duplex mast     ,    Special carriage and backrest ,  Solid tyre ,  Other dimension forks , Other attachment , Fire extinguisher , Suspension seat

Dual air cleaner or special air cleaner  , Rear working light , Customer painting


Item UnitVGFD-400
 FeaturesRated LoadKg40000
Load Centermm1250
Weightkg 51000
          ChassisTire Specs:Front
Tire Specs:Rear
Tires Qty,front/rear(X-drive wheels)
Wheel tread:Frontmm2495
Wheel tread:Rearmm2880
 DimensionsMast/carriage tilt   angle(front/rear)Degree(°)6/12
Mast height(fork lowering)mm5040
Mast lifting heightmm4000
Max.height of mast liftingmm6120
height to head guard(height to cab)mm3820
Overall lengthwith   forks)                                      mm10670
Fork front vertical surface to the rear end of   the vehicle                                                                                        mm8170
Overall widthmm3600
Fork dimensionmm2600×300×130
Fork carriage widthmm3300
Mast min ground(with load)mm400
Wheelbase center min ground(with load)mm480
Min.turning Radiusmm7730
Travel speed(with load/without load)km/h30/26
PerformanceMax.lifting   speed(with load/without load)mm/s300
Grade ability(with load/without load)%20
Driving brake
Wet oil axle 
emission II
emission III
emission II
Rated Output
Cylinder No
otherTransmission   gears(Front/rear)