42 ton Material handler

1.Quality assurance and field service 

(1):The warranty period of crawler hydraulic grabber is 12 months or 2000 hours after putting into operation (refer to the after-sales service agreement for details, whichever comes first). During this period, if the quality problem is caused by the design and manufacturing reasons, the seller will repair it free of charge; if the equipment fault is caused by the buyer's reasons, the seller will also help to deal with it in time, and the buyer shall be responsible for the expenses incurred 。

(2):The buyer shall be responsible for the expenses incurred in the installation and commissioning of foreign countries. 

(3):The specific expenses shall be negotiated separately by both parties and assisted by the buyer. 

(4):The Seller shall send experienced engineering and technical personnel to the buyer's site for guidance and technical services, and timely handle the faults and problems during installation and commissioning. Painting, rust prevention, packaging and transportation 

2. painting 6According to the manufacturer's standard. 

(1) mark The crawler type hydraulic grab shall be made of aluminum plate and firmly fixed in a conspicuous place. 

(2) The nameplate shall include: equipment model, main parameters, factory number, factory date and manufacturer name. All accessories and materials shipped separately shall be provided with proper labels or marks; all removable parts shall be provided with corresponding matching marks. 

3. Packing and transportation: packed naked and transported

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1 strong power system It adopts Shandong Yineng power, a famous brand motor in China, with strong power, high efficiency and low noise. It can play an excellent work efficiency and excellent performance in any working environment. 

2 rubber pipe joint Imported Eaton or gates buckle type rubber hose is installed on all high-pressure circuits. Its wear resistance, super strength and elasticity help to reduce maintenance and extend service life. 

3 mature and stable hydraulic system The main hydraulic components are all high-quality international first-line imported brand hydraulic components to ensure the good performance of the system. The pilot control technology is adopted to make the control more accurate. 

4 lifting cab, comfortable and high-end operation layout The operator's field of vision in the lifting cab is wide, which is conducive to safe operation. The cab is designed with reasonable ergonomics, which can reduce the fatigue strength of the person with the maximum strength. It is equipped with aviation seats, sealed cab, and equipped with protective nets to prevent ore splashing. Equipped with air conditioning, sound provides a comfortable operating environment. 

5 automatic lubrication system The automatic lubrication system can better lubricate the articulated parts, save labor and increase work efficiency when the machine is started. 

Engine powerkw132
Motor powerkw110
Length of Big armmm8600
Length of small armmm6000
Plum Bucket capacity0.75
Shell Bucket capacity1.3-2.5
Work timesTimes / min3 / min
Capacity of machinesT/H350