• 85 ton Material handler
  • 85 ton Material handler

85 ton Material handler

85 ton Material handler

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1. The power system is driven by an engine or a three-phase electric motor, which is maneuverable and flexible. Driven by an electric motor, the maintenance cost is low, no pollution, and the probability of failure is low.

2. The electrical system has protection functions such as phase sequence, overcurrent, overload, and leakage;

3. Double pump and double circuit total power adjustment, negative flow control open system, reasonable distribution and utilization of the power of the power system;

4. Double pumps are combined and multiple actions are combined to improve work efficiency;

5. Normally open rotation and walking brake.

6. Independent oil cooling system, hydraulic oil cooler has large heat dissipation area and good heat dissipation effect;

7. The hose adopts American Eaton or Gates products, and the oil cylinder oil seal adopts Japanese NOK seal, which completely solves the oil leakage of the hydraulic system;

8. Reinforced working device with integral bending boom, gooseneck bending stick and a variety of work grippers;

9. Install a camera, so that the driver can clearly see the movement track of the grab in the working process;

10. The working device optimized by the computer, and the box-shaped structure realizes a reasonable high-strength structure;

11. The multi-function instrument panel can detect various pressure, temperature and oil level and give an audible alarm;

12. Fixed and heightened streamlined appearance cab, shockproof and soundproof, wide field of vision, the driver's horizontal line of sight reaches 9.55 meters, is safe and comfortable, and provides a car-like working environment;

13. Optional rotating motor head, so that the gripper has a 360° rotation function, especially for directional raw materials, with a better gripping effect;

14. The American Lincoln centralized lubrication system is installed to realize the distribution of oil for each lubrication point, reduce the waste of lubricating oil and ensure the lubrication of each lubrication point, and improve the service life of the whole machine;

15. Lengthen the grounding length of the crawler, increase the lateral span of the crawler, reduce the ground pressure of the whole machine, and ensure the stability of the whole machine when it is working;

16. The working device is lengthened to realize a larger working range;

17. Adding a nitrogen cylinder device can reduce the lifting pressure of the boom cylinder by about 5Mpa when working at full load, prolonging the service life of the boom cylinder seal;


Engine powerkw410
Motor powerkw280
Length of Big armmm8600
Length of small armmm5400
Plum Bucket capacity1.5-2.5
Shell Bucket capacity3-4.8
Work timesTimes / min3 / min
Capacity of machinesT/H800-850