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wheel Skid steer loaders 500 kg capacity

Structure and hydraulic power configuration

body structure

The integral frame structure has high strength and good stability; the dense structure design of heavy load improves the earthquake resistance.

power system:

According to customer requirements, imported or domestic engines can be selected to ensure sufficient power, energy saving and environmental protection. The engine has the characteristics of low noise, low fuel consumption and reliable performance.

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Hydraulic system:

The world's top Rexroth hydraulic piston pump and two-speed travel motor have reliable performance. The Italian brand hydraulic pilot control system ensures the precise operation of the skid steer in narrow working conditions. The low-speed high-torque motor provides strong traction, and the maximum system pressure can reach 35Mpa. Efficient hydraulic system, full hydraulic four-wheel drive provides the most sufficient ground adhesion. The full hydraulic brake is safe and reliable. 360° in-situ skid steering, flexible control and free movement.

working equipment:

Heavy duty work equipment. Two control handles enable fast and smooth travel, steering, loading, unloading, and more. The automatic leveling system ensures efficient and safe performance of the bucket in the process of lifting and lowering, saving time and efficiency.


The driving space is large, and the large-angle rear-turning design is adopted, which is more convenient for maintenance. Compliant with ROPS and FOPS cab is safe and reliable. Fully sealed cab, windows on all sides, the driver has a wide field of vision. The removable rear window is the exit in case of emergency escape. The integrated control panel design makes the performance parameters of the whole machine clear at a glance, ensuring that you have full control over the whole machine when using it; dual throttle control, the manual throttle is convenient to use, the throttle can be fixed, and stepping on the throttle is more in line with your daily operating habits.

Quick change device:

 The front end of the main engine is equipped with a quick-change frame, which adopts the international common quick-change size, which can quickly and easily replace various attachments; the hydraulic quick connector adopts a well-known Italian brand, and the interface is common with the attachments of other manufacturers.

cooling system

Equipped with a large area radiator and a large capacity fuel tank, it can meet the requirements of continuous operation under heavy load in tropical areas.

special option

Customers can choose different configurations according to different regions, such as air conditioning, heating, low temperature start, two-speed system, imported engines, etc. to meet different customer needs.

Fitting accessories:

Pavement maintenance and municipal engineering:

Closed sweepers, forward closed sweepers, breakers, milling machines, road cutters, disc trenchers, guardrail sweepers, blowers. Manhole cover milling machine, hedge trimmer, multifunctional brush cutter


Drills, tree movers, wood chippers, soil conditioners, stump shovels, trenchers, screen shovels, six-way dozers


Agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry:

Bed ripper, box pusher, soft bale clamp, skewer, pitchfork, wood grabber, lawn mower, frontier, motor grader, tire chain.

Snow clearing the road:

Angle sweeper, snow blower, high throwing drum, de-icer, snow pusher, vibrating ice breaker

Engineering building:

Combination shovel, fork shovel, side shift fork shovel, vibratory roller, drum mixer, bucket mixer, excavator, digging arm.

额定载荷Rated operating capacity(kg)                500
倾翻载荷Tipping load(kg)                      1000
铲斗容量Bucket capacity(m3)                     0.25-0.4
机器操纵质量Operationg weight(kg)                   2200
行驶速度Max. travel speed(km/h)                 12
工作流量Hydraulic pump flow(L/min)                75
油箱容量Fuel tank capacity(L)                  50
轮胎型号Tires                          27*8.5-15-8NHS
整车尺寸Overall dimensions(mm)                 2900×1300×2000
最大操作高度Height at maximum extension(mm)3300
铰接销高度Height to bucket hinge pin(mm)  2725
带斗宽度Width with bucket(mm)    1300
轮距Track width(mm)      1080
轴距Wheelbase(mm)      891
离地高度Ground clearance(mm)    150
倾倒角Dump angle      40°
倾倒高度Dumping height(mm)    2050
倾倒前伸Maximum reach(mm)    790
接近角Rollback at ground      26°
离去角Angle of departure      20°
型号Maker/Model                                  扬动492(Xin Chai新柴490)
功率转速Net power                               40hp/2600rpm
类型Type                                    直喷直列水冷四冲程柴油机4Cylinder in-line, Water cooled, 4 stroke, Diesel engine
标准铲斗Standard bucket
开式驾驶室Open-type operator cab
手动控制Hydraulic joystick controls
辅具输出装置Auxiliary hydraulic couplers
    封闭驾驶室Enclosed operator cab
    低温起动装置Prehest starting assist system for extreme cold weather
内置暖风Cab fitted with a heater as standard
空调Air conditioner
先导控制hydraulic joystick