• 12 ton slabstone telehandler
  • 12 ton slabstone telehandler
  • 12 ton slabstone telehandler
  • 12 ton slabstone telehandler
  • 12 ton slabstone telehandler
  • 12 ton slabstone telehandler

12 ton slabstone telehandler

slabstone telehandler

12 Ton Telescopic Forklift Truck VICGORDAN Machine

VICGORDAN telescopic forklift 12 ton
Max. lifting height with full extended boom 10300mm
suitable for marble plates and glass plates load and unload from truck
same as JCB StageII Diesel Engine

Stone Telescopic Forklift Telescopic Arm Lifting Truck

Telescopic forklift truck

Telehandler product features:

The telescopic forklift integrates the technology of forklift and off-road telescopic forklift, which is suitable for stone enterprises, factories and mines, handling goods, short-distance transshipment, port yards, warehouse stations;

The telescopic truck adopts imported Cummins engine and domestic gearbox reasonably matching, which makes full use of engine power, greatly reduces fuel consumption rate, and saves costs for users;

Adopts the four-wheel drive of the front axle, which greatly improves the load capacity of the front axle, overcomes the factor of insufficient load on the front axle of the off-road telescopic boom forklift truck, and has higher safety;

The rear axle of the telehandler is steered by the horizontal oil cylinder, and the steering angle is large, which reduces the small turning radius of the whole machine, and the passing performance of the machine is good. Suitable for working where space is limited. The steering is flexible, which improves the working efficiency of the whole machine;

The frame is made of an integral frame welded together, with high strength and good safety. The installation position of each component is reasonably arranged in the form of a forklift chassis. The spacious tool box is convenient for users to put spreaders, ropes, tools, etc. so that the appearance of the whole vehicle is rationalized. regularization;

The material of the telescopic boom is imported steel, and the structure of the boom is welded in a hexagonal form, which improves the structural strength of the boom; the foldable fork can be used by itself when there is no operation or when the fork is not required to hoist the goods. Folding the fork frame provides a wider field of vision, making the user more flexible and convenient to drive;

The working device control system adopts one-control-two technology (that is, one handle controls two control methods) to reduce the trouble of multiple joysticks, and the operation is more simple and flexible;

The main haulic components are imydrported hydraulic parts, which make the whole telehandler more stable and have better safety performance.


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SARD  ATON - Capacity 12,000 Kg

Water-cooled turbo diesel engine - 61 kw / 310 Nm Two-speed automatic gearbox

Hydraulic steeringRoll-Bar for operator protection

Pins in 39NiCrMo3 (1,000 N / mm2)
Tires 250-15
Electronic anti-tip
Deep lights 

Front axle with wet brakes

Perfconance 额定起重力矩Rated lifting momentt.m12x0.5
自重Machine weightkg13800
主钩最大外伸时最大作业高度Maximum operating height of the main hook at the maximum extension distancemm7060( ±100)
副钩最大外伸时最大举升高度Lifting height of the maximum external extension of the accessory hookmm9850( ±100)
主钩最大外伸距 Maximum extension of the main hookmm4710
副钩最大外伸距(水平)Maximum lateral extension accessory hook(horizontal)mm8000
副钩最大外伸距时载重Lifting height of the maximum exteral extension of the accessory hookkg2300
变幅速度起臂a=-6°至40。落臂a=40°至-6°Lifting speedstarting arm a=-6°至40。     rain arm       a=40°至-6°s11.5                                         10.5
伸缩速度全程伸出                 全程缩回Expansion speedStretch out whole course                                                           Full-scale back-ups14.3                                           18.3

前进1档Running speedForward gear 1km/h10
行驶速度前进II档Forward gear IIkm/h25
后退1档Reverse gear 1km/h10

后退II档Reverse gear IIkm/h25
最大爬坡度(空载)Maximum grade ability(empty load)°≤18
最小转弯半径(外轮中心)Minimum turing radius(out center)mm4300
Structure parameter轴距
Wheel base
轮距前轮 后轮Wheel TreadFront / Rearmm1600 / 1650
Engine东方红国二                      国三DongfanghongNational 2                                                                 National 3
                                                            84.6W LR4A3LR-G148XIQR-U3
东风康明斯国二                             国三Dongfeng CumminsNational 2                                                              National 3
93KW4BTA3.9-C125 93KW        QSB3.9-C125-30 119KW 
潍柴国二               国三WeicaiNational 2

National 3

Tyre充气压力(前/后)Vapour pressure(front/rear)

  • 12 ton slabstone telehandler
  • 12 ton slabstone telehandler
  • 12 ton slabstone telehandler
  • 12 ton slabstone telehandler
  • 12 ton slabstone telehandler