• Vicgordan 2.5 ton VNA forklift-Versatile Narrow Aisle Forklift

Vicgordan 2.5 ton VNA forklift-Versatile Narrow Aisle Forklift

Vicgordan VNA 2.5 ton Electric Forklifts

Standard partsOptional parts
Fingertip armrestWireless camera and monitor
Electro-hydraulic proportional valveLithium ion battery
80V AC ZAPI controllerDouble deep forks
80V AC lifting&;driving motorWeighing forks
80V 400AH lead acid battery and customized charger stationHeight pre-selector
LED &; warning lightCabin
Cooling fansWhite tyres
Triplex full free mastQuad mast
Integral side shiftFork positioner
Load backrest
Black solid tyres
Backup mirror
Suspension seat with safety belt and OPS system
Guiding lasers

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Vicgordan is a narrow aisle forklift that has an articulating front head. Thanks to the special design, it is an articulated forklift that can drive in warehouse channels as narrow as 1800mm in width. Comparing to reach forklift trucks, turret forklifts and swing reach trucks, the Vicgordan vna forklift creates more pallet positions in your warehouse by decreasing the width of the aisles.

 The Vicgordan battery narrow aisle forklift provides the lowest cost of ownership while maximizing space and productivity to benefit every users.Vicgordan articulated forklifts are designed to withstand heavy-duty use both inside and outside, it can drive on any floor surface, eliminating double handling, moving pallet from lorry to racks in one step. Comparing to reach trucks, Vicgordan VNA trucks creats 30% more pallet positions, compairing to counterbance forklifts, it creats 50% morepallet positions. So the Vicgordan VNA articulated forklifts can save users much time, space and money.

 Full Vicgordan articulated forklifts ranges are standard equipped with 80V AC ZAPI dual-core controller which makes it has a lower failure rates and creates lower heat after long time using, 80V AC lifting motor and driving motor and 80V 400ah-600ah lead acid battery or li-ion battery which provides stronger power, increases efficiency and greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Mast lift heightMM4300-12400
Mast free lift heightMM1365-4686
Mast closed heightMM2265-5665
Mast full extended heightMM5561-13739
Overall length(excluding forks)MM2780
Ground clearanceMM50
Overhead guard heightMM2270
Chassis width rearMM1400
Chassis width frontMM980
Load centerMM600
Seat heightMM1220
Mast tilt angle(back/fwd)DEGREE3/1
Front chassis rotate angle(left/right)DEGREE220
Ground speedKM/H16
Lift speed(load/unload)M/S0.44/0.5
Front tyre sizeMM412x174
Rear tyre sizeMM457x170
Grade ability(load/unload)%18/20
Battery voltage/capacityV/AH80/500
Weight including batteryKG5150
Weight excluding batteryKG7400
Traction motorKW19.5
Lifting motorKW15
Min net working aisle widthMM1900
Transfer aisle widthMM2700