Benefits of Container Handler Trucks

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Benefits of Container Handler Trucks

Oct. 27, 22

Container handlers are specialized forklift trucks designed to efficiently stack empty containers and lift and handle heavy-duty containers. Their movement and operation is refined and precise and they offer a range of features and designs to ensure they are suitable for every container handling job. They are designed to maximize efficiency, with core principles such as ergonomics and safety being paramount to their design and usability.

How do container handlers work?

There are two types of container handlers: those designed for stacking empty containers and those designed for maneuvering loaded containers. Empty container handlers are very flexible and have special maneuverability. They are therefore required to be very stable. Empty container handlers are often equipped with hydrostatic load-sensing steering and three-speed powershift transmissions for fast, efficient and precise operation, regardless of the stacking height. They are usually built with a high-strength, torsion-resistant steel frame to ensure the truck has a long service life. They can be loaded from 4 to 8 containers high and weigh between 8 and 9 tonnes, depending on the size of the machine. Double-stacking container handlers are also available, allowing two containers to be stacked at the same time.

Full-capacity container handlers are high-performance machines that rely on power, great stability, and good visibility in order to stack heavy or empty containers very precisely. They are capable of lifting 43 tonnes to a height of 5. They are ideal where single-row stacking, loading, and unloading of loaded and empty containers are required.

8 Ton Empty Container Handler

8 Ton Empty Container Handler

How can they help your business?

Container handlers offer an efficient, safe and precise solution for container and material handling that can benefit a wide range of businesses. Container handlers are the least expensive to operate, work quickly and are also known for their long service life. While empty container handlers work to remove and efficiently store empty containers that waste space, full capacity container handlers help to organise and distribute heavy loads.

Container handlers are invaluable in increasing the efficiency of a business, which can lead to an amazing increase in productivity. Operator comfort is an integral part of the design of these machines, and an ergonomic cab means less driver fatigue and better results for your business. Consider a container handling truck rental solution for a safe and efficient version of your business.

Benefits of a container handling truck 

Using a container-handling truck for your business can bring many benefits, such as 

Double container handling 

If you choose an empty container handler, your workplace will have the option of moving two containers at the same time so that your drivers can get more work done in less time. As the same truck can perform both single and double-container handling, your driver can get the job done without having to change plans depending on the equipment available. Even if your operation requires only one container to be moved at a time, you will benefit from the durability of equipment that can transport two units at the same time. 

9-Ton Empty Container Handler

9-Ton Empty Container Handler

Enhanced visibility 

Many container handling trucks also feature a variety of cabin options to provide better driver support. For example, the passenger compartment may be tilted back a certain amount to make it easier for the operator to look up. Because these resources are designed with the operator in mind, many companies find that using a container handling truck can significantly improve operational efficiency. 

Operator comfort 

Container-handling trucks are designed to help operators find the ideal position by adjusting the seat and steering column and changing truck parameters. Many cabins also include a multifunctional joystick for ergonomic steering. As most handling trucks are designed for quiet operation, the user remains comfortable while performing tasks with this equipment. 

Toughness and strength 

Container handlers can take heavy loads to help counteract the loading and achieve speed and power in every lift. Thanks to the high strength of the system, the container handling truck can safely carry loads of up to 11 tonnes. The durable design enhances structural stability and extends chain life, resulting in lower costs and less staff downtime. 

Accurate handling 

Many container handlers feature fully electronic micro-motion and smooth gear changes for improved load handling. Greater handling accuracy helps drivers achieve high productivity levels, even when stacking multiple containers. 

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