What Do You Look for in a Telehandler?

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What Do You Look for in a Telehandler?

Nov. 24, 22

Have you ever heard of a telehandler? It is a machine that can reach places that other lifting equipment cannot. The machine is equipped with a telescopic boom and is designed to lift and move heavy loads. Do you often need to move heavy loads? Or do you need a multi-purpose machine? Then be sure to read on to find out what a telehandler must offer you.


What do you do with a telehandler?

The main advantage of a telehandler is that it is multifunctional. You can use a telehandler for a variety of tasks. With the right attachments, you can easily turn them into forklifts, aerial work platforms, tractors, bulldozers or cranes.


The telehandler has six hydraulic functions.


Boom lift: the telescopic boom moves up and down.

Boom extension and retraction: the telescopic boom extends and retracts.

Fork tilt up & down: fork tilt forward and backward.

Stabiliser up & down: Extending and retracting the stabiliser.

Steering: telehandlers offer three types of steering, which will be explained further in this document.

Frame levelling: on unstable surfaces, the machine is kept level by means of an axle.

 3.5Ton Telehandler

 3.5Ton Telehandler


Thanks to its wide off-road tyres, the telehandler can be used on any terrain. In the agricultural sector, for example, the machine has proved its usefulness in fields, yards and farm stables.


High load capacity is another additional advantage of the telehandler: it can lift heavy loads. Stabilisers provide the telehandler with a more stable stance, enabling it to extend the load even further. Still not convinced of the versatility of this machine? The machine is also versatile thanks to the possibility of using different attachments. By attaching various forks, hoppers, clamps and hooks to the telescopic boom ......, you can give your telehandler a new look in a matter of minutes.


What types exist?

Stationary telehandlers are telehandlers with a fixed cab and telescopic boom. The cab of this telehandler cannot be rotated (see figure 2 on the left). This type is particularly suitable if you often have to move heavy loads. Stationary telehandlers comprise several categories.


  • Ultra-compact and compact: the ultra-compact telehandler has a lifting capacity of 2,5 tonnes and can reach distances of 3,3 to 5,6 metres. Compact telehandlers up to 10 m long and lifting up to 4 tons.


  • Standard lift and high lift: the standard lift has a working height of between 6 and 11 metres. The high lift telehandler has a working range of up to 17 metres and can lift between 3.6 and 4 tonnes.


  • High lift: this machine has a lifting capacity between 5.2 and 7.2 tonnes and a range of up to 10 metres.


A rotating telehandler is a telehandler in which the cab and telescopic arm can be swivelled 360°. The machine can remain stationary while the cab and telescopic boom rotate around its axis. So, do you need a machine that is easy to handle and can reach hard-to-reach places? In this case, choose a rotating telehandler.


How to choose the right type of telehandler?

For each sector or line of work, you can use different types of telehandlers. This of course depends on a number of factors.


  • Industry: In which sector will you use a telehandler? Would you like to know more about their use in the agricultural sector? Then be sure to read "telehandlers and their availability in the agricultural sector".

  • Type of work: Do you occasionally use telehandlers to lift small loads or do you always use the machine to position heavy loads over long distances?


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